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High Tech Solutions

Thousands of employees enrolled
Don’t let the digital information age pass you by. By providing your clients with a cloud based enrollment platform, you have now given them the power to update, change and enroll employees with one system.

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    Call Center Enrolling

    Enrolling is as easy as using the phone

    •  Applications taken over the phone
    • 100% Call Recording
    • Convenient for employers & employees
    • No employee group meetings needed
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    eEnroll / Data Integration

    The digital age of benefits is now

    • One on one laptop enrollments
    • Online employee self-enrollments
    • Role-based enrollment platform
    • Data integration with vendors and payroll
    • 128-Bit SSL encryption enrollment system
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    Benefit Communication

    24/7 Employee access to benefit material

    • Benefit Websites
    •  Benefit Video Communication
    • Centralized location for benefit material
    • Consistent message to all employees
    • Family member access

Plans & Pricing


No Set-up Fee

Enrolling Voluntary Products Only

Basic Benefit Website & Videos

eBenefit Enrollment Platform


Set-up Fee May Apply

Enrolling Core & Voluntary Benefits

Basic Benefit Website & Videos

eBenefit Enrollment Platform

Simple Data Files


Set-up Fees May Apply

Enrolling Core & Voluntary Benefits

Custom Benefit Website & Videos

eBenefit Enrollment Platform

Full Data/Payroll Files

What we can do
eBenefit Platforms Made Easy

Are you looking for a easy to use fully integrated benefit enrollment system? Then has a solution to meet your needs.

Most enrollment systems this robust come with a hefty price tag. We believe in offering a complete package that all parties are financially comfortable with. From day one, we work with brokers and employers to layout a strategic enrollment solution that all parties agree upon. Consisting of benefit enrollment software, benefit website design and pre-enrollment communications.

With our experience in the insurance industry, we know the challenges many brokers face in successfully marketing their products and services to prospective clients.  Now, with our Online benefits enrollment tools, we can take new and existing insurance products to the next level.

Imagine offering tools and services that not only provide insurance products for your clients & their employees, but also helping them simplify the entire enrollment process!

Plus, imagine a tool that sets you apart from other brokers in your region, giving you the chance to offer potential clients a unique approach to this part of their business, one that will positively impact their employees and ultimately their company.

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    Benefit Communication
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    eBenefit Enrollment Platforms
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    Call Center Enrolling
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    Workplace Enrolling

Frequently asked questions

  • Does GoToSMBO work directly with employers only?

    Of course, but we would always prefer to partner with the employer's existing broker. Our intention is to build a solid long-lasting partnership with the broker and the employer.

  • Do I have to change the benefit plans I currently have in place to use your services?

    No, we have had several client over the years contract us to build their enrollment platforms, benefit videos, etc. However, by using certain carriers products there may be subsidies available to help lower the overall cost of some services.

    The most important thing to remember when considering the use of our services is, flexibility. GoToSMBO is by far the most flexible enrollment firm in the country.

  • What happens after the system is up and running and the enrollment is complete?

    I think everyone would agree that service after the sale is just as important in the beginning as it is down the road. GoToSMBO will train your HR staff, via on-site training or web conference until they are comfortable to take control themselves.

    Also, one of the benefits of having an in-house Call Center, is the ability to take enrollments over the phone. This way, we can enroll new hires through out the year, without them having to be enrolled in paper and entered later.

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