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36+ Years of Business

See My Benefits Online will ensure you don’t let the information age pass you by.
Give your clients the power to update, change, and enroll employees in benefits with one web based enrollment platform.

| Enrollment

Group meetings and enrollments, benefit communications, voice recorded call center enrollments over the phone.

| Management

Online paperless enrollments with a cloud based system, with data feed administration/communication between employers & carriers.

| Solutions

With over 36+ years of benefits enrollment experience, we know the challenges employers and brokers face in administrating and communicating benefits.

  • The Solution Flexibility Is What We Do Best

    With our experience in the insurance industry, we know the challenges many brokers face in successfully marketing their products and services to prospective clients.  Now, with our online benefits enrollment tools, we can take new and existing insurance products to the next level.

    Imagine offering tools and services that not only provide insurance products for your clients & their employees, but also helping them simplify the entire enrollment process!

    Plus, imagine a tool that sets you apart from other brokers in your region, giving you the chance to offer potential clients a unique approach to this part of their business, one that will positively impact their employees and ultimately their company.

  • How it works eEnroll Systems For All

    Most enrollment systems this robust come with a hefty price tag.

    We believe in offering a complete package that clients can be financially comfortable with.

    From day one we work with brokers and employers to layout a strategic enrollment solution that all parties agree upon.

    Consisting of benefit software programing, benefit website design and pre-enrollment communications.

Enrollment Solutions

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